It Ends With Us By Colleen Hoover – A Kind Review But A Mean Book






Powerful & Provocative. 

Naked truth: I spent a whole day in bed reading Colleen Hoover’s novel and wanted to delete pages and replace them with my own version. . . 

 -it hurt, Colleen. 

It really hurt.

I give it 5/5 Naked Truths. 

Colleen has taken a very serious topic, in which I believe is close to home for her, and really explored the grey within it. This book is an experience, not simply an enjoyable read. In fact, it wasn’t always enjoyable, but I couldn’t put it down. 

It was a daring move. 

But, Colleen . . . you nailed it!

This novel follows Lily in two different timeframes, both from her POV. I have always found Colleen Hoover very good at cutting her novels up with letters, or blasts-from-the past, and this works very well. ESPECIALLY in this case, because the topic she is exploring does take its toll on you emotionally. It’s quite draining in places and by George if you don’t cry then crown yourself the ice queen.

POV1: This is from Lily’s perspective in the present day. Her father has just passed away and she has moved to Boston to establishing herself. You lucky little chickens get to meet the sexy, arrogant, evasive and intelligent Ryle. 

Naked Truth: I couldn’t help but fall madly in love with Ryle… 

They meet in chapter one and develop a beautiful romance that isn’t immediate by any stretch of the imagination, however, steadily grows and flourishes, both of them opening up and changing each other as they grow.

POV 2: This perspective is from 15-year old Lily and told by her letters to Ellen DeGeneres. 

Quirky hey? 

Ellen D

I loved it. 

These were fun and very revealing. It was incredible to explore Lily in this fashion, and experience her develop during her youth. Lilly writes to Ellen almost in a diary form and this is where we meet Atlas. Atlas is a sweetheart, a true gentleman, and an unlikely friendship begins between these two needy souls.

YES, that is right. 

The reader experiences two wonderful romances within the one novel. Hoover explores how past loves affect future ones and vice-versa. Both are developed so beautifully that is it hard to choose one. . . 

The characters are intensely detailed; even the side characters, that all have their own quirks and idiosyncrasies. There is no black and white. All the characters develop their own unique relationship, and Colleen bonds them together with cute-meets.

This story broke my heart. I fell in love and then Colleen destroyed me. I was screaming at the book, “No stop!” And then saying, “Promise me you’ll walk away.” 


Cue the tears!

At one point I couldn’t see the page through my tears. . . 

There are sections that are so hard to read my jaw hurt. 

I was lost with Lily — emotionally lost.

Get it here: It Ends With Us! (This is a paid link)

Read about it on Goodreads. 

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