How To Get Unlimited 3D Mockups Of Your Book With Hundreds Of Backgrounds For Free!

Novel Facing Us by Nicci Harris on the coffee table.

As you all know I am current in the depths of the self publishing world. If you are considering self-publishing then my first blog about getting started might help. 

Okay. This is just a short one.

Professionally looking covers and advertising material is yet another task of the self-published author.

Can’t we just write?!

That’s a negative.

And . . .

I’m strapped for cash!

That’s the truth.

So, I paid a girl off Fiverr to do the cover for, Facing Us.

I know, I know, so sue me.

I made her work hard for me and required a lot of revisions.

But finally I got a cover that worked for me.

And, I have received nothing but positive feedback so far.

So, I genuinely believe that Fiverr can offer a good product, but you have to know what you want and make sure they follow through with your demands.

You don’t need to win any popularity competitions.

So don’t compromise on your needs, because most vendors have an option to add unlimited revisions.

So . . .


I have a cover that I like.

Facing Us a Romantic Suspense by Nicci Harris

But now I need advertising material.

And . . .


And . . .

-amazon images,

And . . .

A variety of ‘bookstagram’ images, and Facebook event images, and random pictures of my book in random places with random people and . . .


It’s just too much.

Oh WAIT. . .



Bookbrush you beautiful, beautiful thing you!

Facing Us is Free for 5 Day

I recently discovered Bookbrush, and it can make 3D mockups of your book cover, and has so many options, so many templates, so many backgrounds, and the random people holding your book in random places. . .  it has those too.

So go check out Bookbrush.

They have a free version that offers 1 x digital pad mockup and 1 x paperback mockup.

But, I loved it so much I got the paid version.

And now. . .


I can do basically any promo image or website banner, or basically anything I could possibly want at this moment to use for socials, amazon, and this site.

So go!

Check it out and have fun.

Nicci out!

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