How To Create A Epub (Kobo) Or Mobi (Kindle) Version Of Your Ebook Word Document For FREE.

ePub version of Facing Us

More formatting!
It’s the bane of my existence.
Firstly, what is an epub and mobi file? Well, basically put, they are electronically published book files that can be read with ease, and have dynamic and interactive reading interfaces.
Lol. . .
Sorry, that wasn’t so ‘basically’ put.
If you have even read a book on your phone or computer, chances are they are a mobi or epub file.
If you don’t bother to format your book then your readers will probably be viewing it as a pdf file.
Which isn’t nearly as interactive or easy to use.
But wait!
Doesn’t Amazon and other online publishers do this for you?
And when your readers buy your book from those sites they will have a beautiful ebook formatted perfectly.
But. . .
What about the people you want to distribute it to for FREE or for a review or because it’s your frickin book and you can do what you frickin want with it!
So, you want to have your own epub or mobi version of your book to share as you please.

This post is to guide self-published authors in creating an epub (Kobo) or mobi (Kindle) file for their book so you can do just that.

I presume if you’re reading this you have finished your book, and are now trying to figure out how to market and distribute it.
To do this you’ll need to find software that will format your word document and allow you to download the file to your computer with no strings attached.
I have two options for you to choose from.
Nothing as complex as The Meatgrinder of Smashwords but more complex than Kindle Create of Amazon.
But it’s important you have your own epub or mobi version of your book.
You’ll need one if you want to use to distribute and track your ebook yourself.
You’ll need one if you want to put your book on NetGalley to gain more reviews.
It’s important, okay.
Just trust me.
So, here are two completely FREE ways to do this.
Calibre is great software and is easy to download.

The EASY part ends there.

I found Calibre much more complicated than it had to be.

But. . .

-it will do the job. 

It will convert your word document into an electronic reading interface.

Calibre for downloading epub and mobi files
Or. . . 

-you can try Draft2Digital.

And if you have read my starter guide to Kindle Direct Publishing you know I love this software.

It is so easy to use. You literally just upload your file and it converts it without any further formatting or tweaking needed. 

Draft2Digital for ebpu and mobi downloads

Firstly you’ll need to sign up.

Once you have an account with them. You’ll need to add your book, and you can do this by hitting the big RED button that says ‘My Books.’

Then hit ‘Add New Book.’

From here you will be directed to a few different screens that will ask you to upload your book, cover, and require you fill in questions in preparation to publish your book online. 

Digital2draft book upload screen snap shot

But don’t worry, you don’t have to publish it with them.

My book is still in the ‘draft’ status. 

Facing Us by Nicci Harris ready to be uploaded and published by Digital2Draft

But wait. . . 

isn’t that an online publisher?


But you do not need to publish with them. 

You can upload your book, format it, choose from their templates and themes, and . . .

– they have such confidence in their product they then allow you to download your files and use them as you wish.


Pretty cool, hey?

I use them.

And I might be converting from KDP Select once my exclusivity period is over. 

Maybe. . . 

-haven’t decided yet.

I’m considering it. 

Stop badgering me. 

Nicci out. 



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