What I Write. . .

I write search engine optimised ( SEO) content for blogs, Facebook posts, email campaigns, websites & ebooks.

I use specialist software to research keywords and consistently searched phrases.

Sound boring?


I love research. Nerd alert. . . 

It is a flat fee. 15c a word, with a minimum of  250 words.

All you have to do is give me the topic.

I’ll research it.

 – find the commonly searched phrases, & analyse the search intent.

Then I’ll send you the content to review.

Interested? Hit me up!

What I Write. . .

I also write Fiction novels: romance laced with suspense, traumatic pasts, a mystery, and single minded infatuation. 

My protagonists are all complex and unique. But they do share a few common traits, they are all intelligent, witty, and complicated. I am best known for creating vivid scenes that are equally as beautiful as they are provocative.

But, my stories, are not for the faint hearted. They are steamy & full of twists & turns that will leave you with emotional whiplash. 

I hope you cringe. 

I hope you swoon.

Welcome to Author Nicci Harris’s writing. 

Glad to be here?

Glad to have you!

What I Blog . . .

The Self Publishing journey has been hard. . .  understatement. 

So, my blog will follow and detail this endeavour. . . 


Endeavour is a much better word to describe this process.

– Quest also suits! 

I hope to help other prospective authors simply by offering advise and noting my process, and both wins, and failings.

How to get a FREE single url for your amazon product!

How to create awesome FREE 3D mockups of your book!

How to gain Facebook followers on a budget!

So, as I learn the tricks of the trade, I will pass them on to you!

What I Post. . .

Let’s get straight to it. I manage both small business and enterprise size Facebook Pages. Here’s what I can do for you.

Keep you active online.

Get you more engagements.

And save you time…

Still with me? 

I’ll create you a Custom Content Calendar.

I’ll prepare content for your niche, design the post, and source the image.

Sounding good? Awesome!

It’s a flat fee. $79 a week. With a monthly minimum agreement.

So stop messing around on FB and get back to your job!

I’ll keep your online community happy.

Interested? Hit me up!

Need advice?

Are you a new Author? Are you trying to navigate the web of self publishing to no avail? I can help!

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